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Posted by Cerion - June 25th, 2009

That mean I have 182 days left to finally finish that damned movie I've been putting off for the last 2 years now... does anyone have any suggestions for a decent ambient music suitable for a ninja Christmas? I know there was one song from the audio portal that I just can't find anymore that would do the job but I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, only that I'm fairly certain it was in a Christmas movie about some kids disappearing under a Christmas tree to find toys being made by goblins... or something like that... not that I can find it no matter how hard I try... uhh...

Posted by Cerion - November 24th, 2008

December 5th is the official International Day of the Ninja, and I intend to make a get a flash made by then but I'm stumped for time and ideas. Any ideas anyone?

Posted by Cerion - July 12th, 2008

Earlier in the week my computer crashed and I lost everything, including Flash CS3. I am rightfully pissed off.


Now my computer is back up and running better than before so I can stop being pissed off

Posted by Cerion - January 1st, 2008

By next week I'll be able to start my own flash project. This feels very, very satisfying.

Posted by Cerion - August 19th, 2007

Please do note that I have no negative, abusive, and/or hostile feelings towards actual mentally retarded and/or mentally challenged persons in any way whatsoever. However if any of the following applies to you than you are a retard who should make themselves useful and stop annoying the shit out of me and every other Newgrounder who hasn't fallen to your own pathetic stupidity:

You're a retard if you've ever submitted grossly exaggerated submissions rated "Adults Only: Excessive Nudity, Excessive Violence, Explicit Audio, Explicit Text, Explicit Adult Themes" that aren't actually that bad at all, or have author's comments that are nowhere near accurate.

You're a retard if you've ever joined more than one of those gay, shitty, wannabe spam/blam-tastic crews that claim to be different but are all the same. At least the clocks and locks are usually loyal to their own group and have a handful of members who make quality flash.

You're a retard if you've ever stolen the title of a successful series for your own crappy flash. You're too lame to come up with your own quality material so you have to resort to smearing your own aids-infected crap all over the reputation of people you envy just because they're better than you as well as now they wont be able to make "Amazing Movie 2" because you've already stolen the title.

You're a retard if you've ever submitted a flash that can cause seizures or headaches without warning. You're also probably a murderer if this applies to you.

You're a retard if you've ever submitted a flash that is just a short loop without any purpose and/or just contains racism or profanity.

You're a retard if you've ever submitted multiple nearly identical versions of the same shitty flash, be it a different colour or some other gay excuse for your retardism. *cough cough, dictator_'em all in _+ days, cough*

You're a retard if all your are submission co-authored by 8 other people whose names are all slight variations of your own.

You're a retard if you submit flash that sucks and only dis the people who tell you that it sucks.

You're a retard if you've ever dissed Wade more than once. He's a real person, you know, and you should respect him, if not at least his authority and power to terminate you douche bags who think so highly of yourselves.

You're a retard if you intentionally submit loads of crap flash that break the rules just because all your other immature 13-year old friends have also already submitted a pornstar's lifetime cumload amount of flash.

Your a retard if you spam people with chain letters, useless reviews, etc.