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I absolutely loved the video, but I had to watch it on YouTube because it doesn't seem to want to work here. I don't use Adblock or anything, so I'm guessing that there's some sort of formatting issue that needs worked out with the site, which I hope gets sorted out as soon as possible. Crude, hilarious, and definitely worth watching over and over again, so I do hope that whatever the problem is with the video gets sorted out.

Such a cocktease.

Denying Beard Ninja the satisfaction of his soup right off the word go, that's not cool. I'll forgive you though, seeing as the Afro Samurai Jack inspirations really show just as quickly. This is definitely great quality animation right here, and I'm gonna be looking forward to the next part as soon as you have the time to make it happen.


Both this movie and the first episode by far stand out as prime examples of the high-quality animation, enjoyable stories, and almost disturbingly raunchy humor that I've come to fall in love with here at Newgrounds, and you by all means should be proud to be ranked among the very best here. Even if many people here aren't able to understand the Gumby cameo, the

Jazza responds:

thanks man. i appreciate it a lot! :D

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I found her three times.

Yup, I found her. The ninja was a bit tricky to find with the music distracting my senses, plus she moves around each time you play, but there she was the first time in the 18th tree to the right of the wind turbines closest to the nearest hill. The second time through she was hiding in the 2nd window on the red roof behind and to the right of the church. The third time she was behind the lamp post in front of the bicycles. I have to admit, this would be an incredibly difficult game for anyone who isn't a ninja themselves, so maybe you'd be best to tone it down for the general public, maybe get a less experienced ninja instead of the full ninja you had for this one, because I'll admit she is quite professional in her sneakiness.

Lare responds:

Yes, you're right. I forgot that majority of Newgrounders are not ninjas. That's probably why this got the low score. But I'm glad that fellow ninjas like you enjoyed this.

Simplistic yet entertaining

The game premise itself is very simple, but the specific physics of the moving character dot as well as the increasing difficulty as the game progresses are rather well done. I especially enjoyed the element of chance that was incorporated with the blue dots which added to the gameplay significantly seeing as it could be either positive or negative, that uncertainty making it unknown if picking it up would be what saves you from the brink of game over or completely screws you over.

Kenney responds:

Oh yeah, I love when you're about to pick up a bonus and you're on the verge of death - pixels can be really exciting.

I dont really know what to think.

1. Well it isnt really a game at all, but a movie that pretends to be a game so that people will try to play but just get game over

2. The author's comments have nothing to do with the animation whatsoever

3. The actual animation that pretends to be a movie is rather humorous, so its not like its necessarily crap that I'd blam, but still...

4. Maybe there's some sort of cookie or something that accesses your username for use in the opening credits, but I logging out and and cleared all my cache and cookies and everything and it still says everything is by me, so Im seriously confused to hell if it only says [everthing] by Cerion or if its different for everyone.

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Peaceful and meditative

This is the sort of track I can put on and spend the whole night listening to as I write and work on various assignments and what-not that needs finished.


Overall the transition from the mellow and relaxing at the beginning to the heavier, energy-filled ending, is very smooth and flowing. The emotionally charged power coming off of this is both soothing and relaxing, only put off by the abrupt end. Despite appearing to be incomplete, what is here is brilliant.

Grab your sword and fight the Horde!

This definitely reminds me of the good ol' days playing Warcraft 2 as the humans. Epic and awesome only come naturally.

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Stego-Judas is not amused.

But too bad for him, seeing as he wont have time to be a sellout this time. My only concern is that it should have been Raptor Jesus eating the unicorn, but seeing as we don't know what those ribs used to be, I suppose the it could very well be Human Jesus for all we know so there really isn't anything bad I could say here.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i like to think its the body of the unicorn actually

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