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Entry #5

182 Days 'Till Christmas!

2009-06-25 23:29:11 by Cerion

That mean I have 182 days left to finally finish that damned movie I've been putting off for the last 2 years now... does anyone have any suggestions for a decent ambient music suitable for a ninja Christmas? I know there was one song from the audio portal that I just can't find anymore that would do the job but I can't remember for the life of me what it was called, only that I'm fairly certain it was in a Christmas movie about some kids disappearing under a Christmas tree to find toys being made by goblins... or something like that... not that I can find it no matter how hard I try... uhh...


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2009-06-30 18:28:20

Wrong, there are 529542190000 days left >:D

Cerion responds:

Actually, as of today there are 175 days. Not that it really matters any.